4 designer team | 10 weeks | Grad school coursework | 2013


Wavelength was the culmination of a semester-long team graduate school project. My team choose the topic of “Work from Anywhere, Anytime” in response to the Microsoft theme: “Making data useful: Improving your life, community, and world.”

After our initial research phase we chose to focus on helping bridge the gap between employees who regularly work remotely and the main office.


We developed a software concept that utilized existing data to provide workers who aren't co-located with the kind of information that people usually pickup without even meaning to when they're working close by. Not being able to tell who's busy, stressed, or interruptible, and missing out what's happening were two major painpoints we looked to address. We tried to mimicking the unobtrusive interactions you have around the office by using a novel ambient, above screen display as the main interface.

Concept Overview

Wavelength an interactive, data-driven application which encourages greater connections between coworkers -both in office and remote- by creating delightful micro interactions.  It relies on a ambient air-projection display to allow information and interactions within a work team to be easy and convenient, without adding to information overload. Watch a concept demo below to get a better feel for it:



View deck here if embed fails