Hello! I'm Emily. I am a possibility whisperer, an explainer, and a helper. I love complexity, collaboration, a-ha moments, and chocolate.

I'm a UX researcher & designer who loves formative research, product strategy, service design, synthesis, ideation, concept creation, rapid prototyping, and guerrilla testing. I believe strategy, research, design and execution all go hand-in-hand because you can't nail the solution until you really understand the problem, but trying out a solution can be a great way to understand a problem better.



» knows a ton about winter tires because she once considered buying some

» has at least 27 tabs open at all times

» always tacks a fun day onto a work trip

» has friends who worked at the White House and friends who have lived in a van

» hikes over the hill instead of taking an Uber

» says what everyone is thinking

» has that thing that someone needs in her bag

» wears toe shoes

» gives (great?) advice to coworkers

» people constantly ask "how do you know that?"