5 designer team | 3 weeks part-time | IBM Design | 2014
Due to the strategic nature of this project I cannot share details or the final concept video


As part of my user experience internship at IBM Design, I was part of a group of designers asked to help the Watson team envision new ways that Watson might be able to put its supercomputing power to work in the lives of everyday people.


We used the local Austin community as our inspiration and dug into some of the thorniest issues in the city. We used contextual inquiry, design ethnography, and lots of ideation to put together a compelling set of scenarios.


Once we had established a general objective for how Watson could help, we focused on the broad strokes of interaction design for the low / no-UI interface. What would interactions with Watson need to feel like for it to be appealing to everyday people, not just first-adopters, to hand over their data, and decision-making, to an app?


The result was a concept called MyWatson. Due to the strategic nature of the project I cannot share the final concept video, but maybe some day it will make its way to an app store near you!