2 designers + Cross-functional R&D team | 1 year | athenahealth | 2015


As a UX designer and researcher at athenahealth, I helped direct an effort to create the Epocrates' mobile application's first ever search engine and search experience.

Prior to this project, the app was navigated via a lookup index function, as well as browsing via a series of nested decision trees. What began as one Architect's side-project became a mission-critical effort as we looked to revitalize the experience of the beloved Epocrates app. It became clear that this project

Over time myself and a fellow designer helped moved UX from the periphery of the project to leading the way.


  • Envisioning & advocating project direction
  • Developing & executing qualitative and quantitative research plans
  • Contributing to scope & sprint planning
  • Collaborating with SMEs
  • Creating wireframes & specs
  • Working with engineers to nail execution


  • Project began as a feasibility pilot with no UX involvement or user considerations
  • Working with a team of new grad developers with no prior search experience
  • Switching from lookup to search completed disrupted users' sense of place, navigational model, and expectations from the app 
  • Major change in an app that users had come to expect to be static
  • Search was swapped out in place of the current lookup feature, rather than being tested or added alongside
  • Constant technical hurdles due to working with an ancient codebase
  • Medical context means complex content and makes errors unacceptable


  • Executed a major feature release from ideation to delivery
  • Successfully advocated for and executed interaction & flow improvements over several sprints that mitigated user concerns, returning the app to a 5-star rating after a brief dip
  • Successfully shifted the feature focus from showing off an engineering feat to meeting (and exceeding) our users needs' and expectations.
  • Myself and fellow UXer James guided the search team to becoming a more cohesive, user-centered and product savvy team


(March 2016 release)

Sub-projects completed

  • Pre-search
  • Teaser cards
  • Beta data
  • IA change: eliminating the "drug chooser" screen
  • Paywalled content preview
  • 'Discontinued Drug' cards
  • Spelling 'safety net'
  • Android catchup
  • (confidential) future concepting work
  • (confidential) commercial work
  • Feedback
  • Online / Offline mode
  • Rules engine design
  • Suggestions
  • Spell-check 
  • Order ranking
  • Results facets
  • Readback
  • Training documentation for customer service team